About Us
Flower, Moon, Snow, Star, and Cosmos: Each troupe has its own charm.

Every troupe has a leading pair of actresses: the top star and her partner, the top musumeyaku. The two of them form the top pair (the “top combi” in Japanese). Most of the performances revolve around the top pair, who are supported by the rest of the troupe.
Takarazuka had a troupe-system since 1921, when Flower Troupe and Moon Troupe were created. As the years passed by and demand for Takarazuka performances increased, more troupes were added to the lineup.

Creating the World of Dreams

  • Flower Troupe

    Flower Troupe was the first official troupe of Takarazuka Revue, established in 1921. The troupe was also the one to perform the first Japanese revue, “Mon Paris.”
    Flower Troupe is represented by the color pink.

  • Moon Troupe

    Moon Troupe was established in 1921, in the same year as Flower Troupe, which makes it one of the troupes with the longest history in Takarazuka.
    The troupe is represented by the color yellow.

  • Superior Members (Senka)

    Senka members belong to none of the five main troupes. They are a group of specialists, with immense skill and experience. Members of this group can be called to perform with any troupe when their expertise is needed.