Takarazuka Grand Theater

Takarazuka Grand Theater(HYOGO)
Apr.22-May.28 2023
Musical Romance

“A Dream in Lilac”

-The Pride of the Droysen Family- Written, directed and choreographed by Tamae Sha Fascinating Revue

“Jewel de Paris!!”

-The Jewels of Paris- Written and directed by Daisuke Fujii On sale from: March 25, 2023, at 10:00 AM(JST) - Price SS Seat : 12,500 / S Seat : 8,800 / A Seat : 5,500 / B Seat : 3,500 Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)


“A Dream in Lilac”

The story is set in the early 19th century Germany, which is going through rapid changes under the influence of the British Industrial Revolution. The Droysens are a family of the “Junkers” who are the aristocratic landowners possessing knight’s estates in the Kingdom of Prussia. In spring, their vast estate is full of lilac flowers which were favored and planted by their ancestors who had immigrated from Poland. The lilac, which represents “pride”, is also depicted on the Droysen family crest. Befitting the symbol, the spirit of chivalry still runs in the Droysens. Heindrich von Droysen, the eldest Droysen brother, dreams of the five brothers coming together to develop a new industry, the railroad industry, just like the five brothers who built the banking dynasty of the Rothschilds, the richest family in the world. One day, Heindrich is introduced by his youngest brother Joseph to Elise, an aspiring musician. Elise is practicing hard every day to become a violinist, despite the cultural taboo of women playing string instruments as professional musicians. Heindrich is attracted to Elise who has pride in her way to live, and she also develops feelings for Heindrich who struggles to achieve his dream.
Believing that the success of the railroad project will lead to the development and unification of the German states, Heindrich assigns each of the brothers the necessary tasks for the project. He, particularly, expects a lot from Franz, the second son of the Droysens who works for the public office and manages the family finances. On the other hand, Franz, who is down-to-earth, is unable to follow Heindrich’s seemingly reckless ways and intensifies his opposition to Heindrich while he still respects his older brother. The wheels of the Droysens’ railroad business begin to turn after meeting Anton, an ironworker who is Elise’s childhood friend. But they face a funding shortfall to operate the business, and Heindrich is pressed to marry Dietlinde, the daughter of a bank president. Meanwhile, the third Droysen brother Georg, who is a soldier and helps Heindrich run the steel plant, happens to hear an insulting gossip about their late father.
While pursuing his dream not only for the Droysens but also for the people living in the German states, Heindrich encounters one difficulty after another. With the pride of the Droysen family, Heindrich works together with his brothers and Elise to face the challenges.

“Jewel de Paris!!”

The city of Paris, steeped in glamorous yet bewitching beauty. A revue featuring a series of dramatic scenes about famous and fascinating landmarks in Paris. The new top pair of Sakina Ayakaze and Aya Yumeshiro, along with other members of Snow Troupe who sparkle like jewels, present a bewitching world filled with glamorous dreams of Paris. The Takarazuka Grand Theater performance will serve as the debut show for the 109th class.

Main cast

“A Dream in Lilac”

Heindrich [Eldest son of the Droysen family]:

Sakina Ayakaze

Elise [Woman aspiring to be a professional musician]:

Aya Yumeshiro

Franz [Second son of the Droysen family]:

Jun Asami

Dream enchantress [Witch] / Asha [Woman despised as a witch]:

Keiko Miho

Humboldt [President of Brandenburg Bank / Dietlinde’s father]:

Haruto Sono

Bajina [Asha’s uncle] / Isaak [Bar owner] :

Kazuki Toma

Hoffman [Representative of a printing company]:

Haruto Mana

Major Weber [Major in the Prussian army]:

Asu Kujo

Constantz [Noblewoman close to the Droysen family]:

Konomi Anno

Mrs. Meinecke [Meinecke’s wife]:

Sumire Ai

Schinkel [Friend of Eichthal]:

Kaoru Oji

Karl [Craftsman at the Zukunft Ironworks]:

Tsubasa Amatsuki

Mrs. Galetti [Galetti’s wife]:

Yuri Shiramine

Georg [Third son of the Droysen family]:

Sora Kazuki

Dream enchantress [Witch]:

Yukino Himehana

Viera [Old woman selling apples]:

Anna Sara

Meinecke [Nobleman close to the Droysen family]:

Yuri Kano

Eichthal [Journalist]:

Saki Suwa

Dietlinde [Daughter of a banker]:

Himari Nonoka

Dream enchantress [Witch]:

Umi Kirara

Michael [Craftsman at the Zukunft Ironworks]:

Rui Manomiya

Galetti [Nobleman close to the Droysen family]:

Rian Seika

Anton [Elise’s friend / Ironworker]:

Sen Agata

Officer [Weber’s subordinate]:

Haruma Hiyori

Alexia [Peasant from Brandenburg]:

Riri Kotohane

Craftsman [Craftsman at the Zukunft Ironworks]:

Mire Asato

Randolph [Fourth son of the Droysen family]:

Ao Ichika

Dream enchantress [Witch]:

Himeka Arisu

Buckler [Junior officer in the Prussian army]:

Kei Sakishiro

Officer [Weber’s subordinate]:

Rea Mayuzuki

Bourgeois woman [Noblewoman]:

Miu Suzuhana

Craftsman [Craftsman at the Zukunft Ironworks]:

Rinto Mareha

Kurt [Craftsman at the Zukunft Ironworks]:

Yu Seimi

Dream enchantress [Witch]:

Yui Neiro

Joseph [Fifth son of the Droysen family]:

Kyo Kase