Tokyo Takarazuka Theater

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater(TOKYO)
Nov.25-Dec.24 2023
Musical Noir


-Cagliostro, The Mysterious Magician of the Century- Based on the novel “Joseph Balsamo” written by Alexandre Dumas père and the film “BLACK MAGIC” directed by Gregory Ratoff
Script and direction by Daisuke Tabuchi
Show Spirit

“Sky Fantasy!”

Written and directed by Kazunori Nakamura   
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The story begins in the mid-eighteenth century in Southern France, where a Romani boy named Joseph watches his mother Maria being executed in front of him. Called a witch for her paranormal ability to foresee people’s futures and unjustly accused of murder, Maria was sentenced to death at the discretion of Viscount de Montaigne, the governor of Marseille. Joseph swears revenge against Montaigne…
Thirteen years later in Vienna, Austria, a show tent with the signboard “GROSSE BALSAMO (Great Balsamo)” is filled with people at night in Prater Park. At the center of the troupe is Joseph, now an attractive young man. The troupe cunningly uses the magic trick of reviving an ancient Egyptian mummy to sell spectators “colored water”, which they claim is the “elixir of life”. But Antonio, a young member of the troupe, mistakenly hands out “lamp oil” to a female customer. She writhes in agony after unknowingly drinking it, causing panic among the people there. When Joseph looks into her eyes and speaks to her, she regains her composure as if nothing has happened. A man has been watching Joseph’s actions with keen interest…
The man is Dr. Mesmer, a medical doctor in Vienna, who is considered the pioneer of hypnotherapy. Believing that Joseph’s supernatural power is exactly the hypnotherapy he advocates, Mesmer asks Joseph to cooperate with him for the advancement of medical science. However, Joseph ignores Mesmer’s plea, instead, decides to exploit his power to seek wealth.
Joseph, proclaiming himself “Count Cagliostro”, travels and gains fame across Europe by healing nobles suffering from incurable diseases. When coming back again to his hometown of Marseille, Joseph is requested by a certain noble to cure a patient. It is none other than Viscount de Montaigne, the man who sentenced Joseph’s mother to death by hanging. The patient he is introduced to in the room at an inn is a stunning young lady who closely resembles Marie Antoinette.
Joseph casts a spell on the lady who has been unconscious and asleep for hours. She responds to his voice, says that her name is Lorenza, and begins to recount what happened to her… Lorenza went to Strasbourg to catch a glimpse of Dauphin Louis and his wife visiting the city; Gilbert, the captain of the royal guard protecting Marie Antoinette, mistook Lorenza for the dauphine because the two looked so much alike; that’s when Lorenza and Gilbert fell in love and then kept seeing each other; but Montaigne, who spotted her resemblance to Marie Antoinette, abducted Lorenza and brought her here for his “plan”.
Through Lorenza’s story, Joseph discovers that Montaigne is hatching a scheme by taking advantage of her appearance. He uses his power to engage in a high-stakes plot against the viscount. Yet, it is this very power that gradually causes Joseph to be tormented by his feelings for Lorenza…

“Sky Fantasy!”

“Sky Fantasy!” is a show inspired by the many aspects of the sky, featuring Cosmos Troupe's new top pair, Toa Serika and Sakura Haruno. Enjoy the members of the new Cosmos Troupe take a leap forward into the future as they perform a selection of energetic and dynamic scenes with dreams and hope in their hearts.

Main cast


Joseph Balsamo:

Toa Serika

Lorenza / Marie Antoinette:

Sakura Haruno

Gilbert Drossen:

Minato Sakuragi

Dr. Mesmer:

Naoki Ema


Akira Matsukaze

Louis XV:

Rui Akina


Rizu Hanabishi

Maria Balsamo:

Sayo Koharuno

Viscount de Montaigne:

Hikaru Rukaze

Presiding judge:

Ritsu Wakato


Shion Yuki

Madame du Barry:

Mineri Amairo


Chiaki Takato

Wife of Marseille:

Sakura Koko

Louis XVI:

Mira Manase

Marquise Paradis:

Shiho Mizune

Husband of Marseille:

Renya Setsuki


Sara Hanamiya


Hyuga Kazeiro


Runo Omi


Sayaka Yumekaze

Grand Chamberlain:

Yu Kagayaki

A citizen of Vienna (Mother):

Ki Aria


Shin Arashino

Baron Holka:

Yuki Mashiro


Io Azusa


Sara Aimi


Hibari Yamabuki


Naru Sendo

A citizen of Vienna (Daughter):

Hanna Misei


Rise Oji

A citizen of Vienna (Son):

Toa Hijiri

Public official:

Noan Hojo

Young Joseph :

Yu Kazato

Young Antonio :

Reito Nao